Saturday, August 15, 2015


Writing  has always been my hobby and as time passed by, it became my passion. I used to hate writing. I hate dealing with words, sentences and most especially, grammar. I've never been a fan of it until I came across this application where you can express yourself through writing as well as reading. Wattpad is a place to discover and share stories: a social platform that connects people through words. It is a community that spans borders, interests, and languages. I started reading on Wattpad back in 2011 when one of my classmates shared a story that got my interest. Ever since then, I've been addicted to reading!

I became a heavy reader but still, I was not convinced to write. I was scared and terrified. Scared to be judged and terrified to be criticized. My grammar wasn't that good and my English needed to be improved. English was never my favorite subject at school. I excelled more in Arts. Everything changed when I got into the world of Korean Pop or simply Kpop. I was addicted and obsessed with Korean Idols that pushed me to write a Fanfic about ss501--- a South Korean boyband under DSP Media. They became my inspiration to write a fan fiction entitled, 'My Oppa' (Oppa is a name for a not-too-much older male, or for her beloved Korean man). I still remember the day I wrote that story, the rain was pouring so hard outside and I was under my sheets, with a pen and a notebook while listening to Kpop songs.

And ever since then, I was enamored of writing. I started with Fan fictions which led to another and I started to write Romance. I posted my first every story in Wattpad entitled, 'A Promise of Two Lovers'--- a story of a young girl who made a promise to a boy to marry him when they're at the right age but the girl had to move away and unfortunately, the plane they were on crashed which caused the girl to have amnesia and all that's left of her memory is a gold bracelet embedded with flowers. I never really got a chance to finish this story since I didn't have a definite plot and I had limited access to the computer.

But that didn't stop me. Together with my two best friends, we were fond of daydreaming which is normal for 'Fangirls' like us. We were bewitched with imagining and dreaming about EXO--- a Chinese-South Korean boy band based in Seoul which consists of twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M. This led us to make a collaboration and write a fan fiction in Wattpad! Our story, entitled 'Graduation Gift', was all about 3 bestfriends who went on a 30-day trip to South Korea as their graduation gift where they meet 12 handsome and extraordinary boys who happens to be Kpop idols, EXO. I was captivated of writing this story so much that I sometimes neglect to study, it was a bad decision for me. This story gained up to almost 25k readers and I was overwhelmed.

I stopped writing and updating this story since I was once hooked again to writing another story which is entitled, 'Married to my Professor'. A story about a girl who is arranged to marry her long-time crush -slash- professor. There wasn't much age gap and the girl was totally in love with him while the professor, well the feeling wasn't mutual. ONCE AGAIN, I stopped writing this story since I had a writer's block and I couldn't make up a definite plot.

I only finished writing one book in my life. It wasn't really a book, it was more of a short story with only 3 chapters. It was for my English Project and we had to make a short story. Since Romance was too mainstream for me, I decided to wrote a General Fiction. It was entitled, 'Vengeance is my Middle Name', it was all about a girl who was a victim of bullying. She was despised and hated by everyone. She died in a car crash with no one caring about her. She was given another chance to live but in a different body, she took revenge to the people who hurt her but in the end she still died. For me. this was a very challenging to write, I wasn't used to writing tragic and action stories so it was a bit hard for me. But as they say, 'All hard works are paid off', I got a perfect score! Hooray for me! 

And now, I am currently working on a Werewolf story entitled, 'My Brother's Bestfriend is my Mate?!'. And I'm pretty sure this will be the very first book I'm going to finish. 5 more chapters to go and I'm done! This book is very dear to me since I never thought a lot of people appreciated my way of writing and my story. My readers were so patient and supportive and they were the ones who helped me all the way. They were my inspiration and they motivated me to write up until now.

I became interested in blogging because of my inspiring adviser as well as my English teacher. Writing became my forte and now I want to try different things which is Blogging.

I know I started writing in a very unusual way. But I was happy that because of KPOP, it pushed me to write stories and fictions and now blogging. My hobby of reading books helped me improve my grammar and my knowledge about English. And I would also acknowledge my ever-supportive mother who's always there for me. To my two favorite English teachers, T. Elett and T. Cristine. And to GOD who gave me a wonderful talent in writing.

XOXO, WinDragon :*

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